Our Life

Common Life

The Carmelite Community of the Word holds living together in community to be a priority. Community life is valued as a means for each sister to access the support and encouragement needed to be faithful to the life style of women religious. The day of the local community members begins with gathering for the morning prayer of the Church, the Liturgy of the Hours. We believe that our gathering together for prayer, which is repeated in the evening, strengthens the bonds of sisterly support as well as connects us to the entire Church. In spite of the fact that each sister is engaged in different ministry settings, the time for prayer unites all members and is considered an important responsibility. Daily attendance at the Eucharistic liturgy takes place at a Sister’s place of ministry or other local parish community. The local community also gathers for at least one meal each day, during which the joys and challenges of the day are shared around the table.

Prayer Life

In addition to participation in times of communal prayer, each Sister is expected to set aside an hour each day for contemplative prayer and study of scripture. Each month, the Sisters set aside a longer period of time for reflection and prayer either privately or as a local community. Each Sister especially values the annual opportunity for an eight day retreat, as a special time apart with God. Throughout the year the Sisters engage in spiritual reading, occasional group gatherings for faith sharing and other experiences of deepening their relationship with Jesus.