Newsletter Updates

Dear Friends,

              It has been a while since we have shared with you the fruits of your donations, support and kindness to us.  Our last newsletter was in 2019.  Since then we have all endured the rigors of living through a pandemic that seems to be waning in its intensity and impact.  Many things changed for everyone during the past three years and yet we have strong evidence of God’s presence and action in our lives.

Like many of you, we often find ourselves frequently saying: “Where is the time going?”   Days flow quickly into months and year unfolds after year.  We have been very cognizant of our own aging and have been diligent in planning for the care requirements that inevitably come for each sister as she ages. 

Pope Francis reminds us that as we age we are called to a renewed love for Jesus as well as to continue feed the Lord’s sheep.

In our continuing catechesis on the meaning and value of old age in the light of God’s word, we now consider the words of the Risen Jesus to Peter at the Lake of Tiberias (Jn 21:17-18). Peter reaffirms his love for Christ and receives the command to feed the Lord’s sheep. Jesus adds, with a reference to Peter’s eventual martyrdom: “When you were younger, you used to go wherever you wished; but when you grow old, another will take you where you would not go”. These words have a particular meaning for the elderly, since the passing of the years naturally entails physical frailty and heightened dependence on others. At the same time, however, old age can be a time of renewed love for the Lord, hope in his promises, and growth in spiritual wisdom.  GENERAL AUDIENCE  St Peter’s Square  Wednesday, 22 June 2022

It is our hope as a community that we can continue to take this two pronged approach to our lives.  First, we want to recognize the grace and blessings of maturity and elderhood.  Second, we feel called to continue to “feed God’s sheep” in whatever way is possible for us.   

So in this newsletter we would like to share how we have utilized the generous gifts of our donors.  We also wish to share what we are doing to continue living our call to follow Jesus and invite others to do the same.  We are grateful for the love and support we receive from so many that enables us to look ahead to the care of our sisters while enabling us to continue in our service to the People of God.

God bless you for your willingness to remain part of our lives and ministry.

Renovations to prepare our convent for “aging in place.”

Simple renovations have created a more accessible living space.

Chapel was moved to the front entrance of the building eliminating the steps required to enter the previous location. The new location provides space for communal worship as well as an area for Eucharistic reservation and prayer.  The location is easily accessible to visitors.

The kitchen space was altered to allow more open space for preparing meals and accommodating all the sisters.  The former living room became the new dining room with ample seating for the sisters and visitors
The former chapel (which had originally been an attached garage) was converted to a large common gathering space after the floor was raised to eliminated steps.  This room and adjacent library has become the “community room.”

A fire escape was added to the rear of the building in order to allow an emergency evacuation route from the second floor.