Lenten Reflections for the Society of the Incarnation

For the Season of Lent, Sisters of the Carmelite Community of the Word and our Society of the Incarnation will be using the Reflection Book entitled, “Doorway to Mercy” by Ann Naffziger.


  1. Happy Easter! What a wonderful Lent I have had this year!!! God surprises me every day of my life. God is so faithful and what we need to realize is difficult situations come into our lives, but he will help us through them. His love is always there for us and he will never leave us. Let us always be open to his surprises.

  2. Mary Beth

    This Lent started out slow for me but I can honestly say I think this has been my best Lent ever. Even thought I will not be going to the Seder meal or the weekend away at Bethany, my readings with this book and with Matthew Kelly’s book have brought me so much farther in my journey than any other Lent has. I ponder where do I go from here after Lent? How do I keep it going? Even though I don’t like to admit it the past 10 months have been trying and difficult. God’s grace and my friends in Christ are the only things that have kept me together. I pray that they realize what they have meant to me.

  3. Every day of our lives is a pilgrimage – one of faith. We want to learn how God shows mercy to us and from that we can show mercy to others. In our hearts we really believe that our God can forgive us when we do not show mercy. On our pilgrimage of faith, God will always support us in what we have done to show mercy to others and to ourselves. What an awesome God we have!

  4. Mary Beth

    I wish I had dreams like Joseph did. I wish I could hear God telling me what to do and what not to do. How do you turn your Holy Spirit hearing aid on? God, what do you want me to do?

  5. The reading for today and yesterday is very touching to me because of the compassion, love and mercy Jesus had for the woman caught in adultery. He did not show violence to her but total love. That is how we are to respond when we are in very difficult situations in our own lives. We must continue to pray for this gift fo mercy and healing.

  6. Mary Beth

    I had an ephany this past weekend. I am feeling resentful towards a couple of people and I have finally figured out why. Today’s reading about forgiveness is helping me to move on and to forgive. Even though the actions of these people continue. I know that I am only hurting myself and I need to let it go.

  7. I really believe that God is already doing so much for me now on my journey. So this time of Lent is really good for me as I take “more time” to be with God and to talk to God. God is always reaching out to me if I seriously take the time to listen to him.

  8. Mary Beth

    Sometimes the water is polluted by the surroundings rather than just drying up. It can be difficult to keep the pollution out. Thats when prayer comes in handy. It helps to cleanse the offensive pollutants away.

  9. Judy

    I am challenged in yesterday’s reading to be more aware of my interactions with others. I have often been told my reactions are harsh. I have tried for years to change. Please pray that this is the year it happens.

  10. Sr. Cindy

    Today’s reading is an eye-opener! I find myself always drifting to the Corporal Works of Mercy. They are easy to remember, and to act upon. The Spiritual Works of Mercy are a bit more difficult to remember, as well as to do. Those of us who teach can get a way with saying that is a way to “Instruct the ignorant” but what about “admonish the sinner.” These are harder things to think about and do. Food for thought!

  11. Mary Beth

    I try to treat others the way that I want to be treated. This reading reminded me of a couple of my coworkers. They will not say hi to anyone until the other person says hi to them first. I think that is rather odd but I’m sure there is a reason.

  12. Diane Michura

    It is good to hear your thoughts, thank you all who posted. This lent is different isn’t it. We are usually turned inward and now we are asked to look for ways to join in the suffering of others. Isaiah 58 has been calling to me during this time, now that I am living alone, how does Jesus want me to be a part of this work. Could you pray for the Lord to guide us all as we wait for light.

  13. Mary Beth

    Sometimes it’s hard to open yourself up to see the suffering. It can really drag you down and makes you feel helpless. I know a couple of people who suffer physical pain all the time and I wonder if I could keep going if I were in their shoes.

  14. Todays reading inspired me to write my article about our Haiti trip in January 2016. Pope Francis wants Christians to open our eyes to the misery of the world and the wounds of our brothers and sisters and then be compelled to heed their cry for help. Being in Haiti, I was pained and moved by the suffering of my brothers and sisters. I will continue to pray that my eyes, hands and heart will always be open to the pain and suffering of the people that I come in contact with daily here at home and in Haiti. I will give my time, talent and treasure where it is needed. I really like this reflection booklet and it has a message for me every day.

  15. Sr. Cindy Burns

    The last few days the meditations have really touched me. Yesterday the call to have a Sabbath time was a challenge for me. As one who has a very active day most Sundays, with Religious Education, Confirmation Prep, RCIA, etc. it is very hard to observe Sabbath rest. However I feel a call to do one or both of two things. One, to maintain a level of peace deep within even though I am going about busyness for God. Second, to find a Sabbath time on another day. “What can I become ‘free from’ so that I am ‘free for’ God, myself and others?”

    Today’s reflection is just so true for me. It seems that as soon as I make up my mind about a path or direction to take for Lent that temptations come to pull me off the path. It is then that I am reminded that I am not in this Lenten journey alone. God is with me…you are all with me. Let us pray for each other that the Holy Spirit may keep us all on the journey of faith to the joy and transformation of Easter.

  16. gina

    Today’s reading really hit home for me. Break the chains of injustice, get rid of exploitation in the workplace. There are so many mental/emotional challenges each day.

  17. Sr. Cindy

    Welcome to the Lenten Reflection page for the Society of the Incarnation. We hope that having this place to reflect on the readings for each day will enrich your experience of this special season.