Entertaining Angels

Many people have often described the weather experienced in our local area as “Western Pennsylvania Winters.” It seems that this year, western Pennsylvania does not have a market on cold, snow, ice and wind. The entire nation has experienced the effects of the “Polar Vortex,” even into the southern states. As this article is written, the temperature has fallen from 32 degrees to a bitter 18 degrees and continues to fall quickly.

What does this have to do with spirituality or faith? This is a very good question. There is another old saying, “Cold hands, warm heart.” As the cold weather touches everyone on the outside, we find many stories of kindness, generosity, and love surfacing from the inside. Shelters are opening their doors and people are paying attention to their animals that are kept outside. Many who may not have a greeting at other times find it easy to say, “Be safe on the roads!” when the snow is falling hard outside.

Many times the winter weather brings the angels out in full force. I experienced this in a powerful way on New Year’s Eve. As I came out of a local store and began to warm up my car and pack my groceries, I accidentally locked my car…including my purse, cell phone and AAA card! My first instinct was to panic; then my faith kicked in. I prayed that God would help me, that God would send me an angel to assist me. After a few moments, which seemed like hours, a man and his wife pulled up and asked if they could help. After assessing the situation and finding that no conventional methods would work, the lady willingly offered to climb through my trunk to the back of the car to unlock the door. The Holy Spirit had inspired me to pop my trunk at the beginning of this episode!

Hebrews 13:2 tells us: “Do not neglect hospitality, for through it some have unknowingly entertained angels.” Through my experience I have discovered that entertaining angels also happens when we are the recipients of hospitality as well. As we desperately seek the warmth and light from the sun, we must also seek the warmth and light that comes from the Son of God, Jesus Christ. When the Light of the world shines upon us, we feel tremendous love and warmth in our hearts, which then cannot help but spread out to the world.

Through the Light of Christ, we all have the potential to be angels to each other. Whether the world is cold, or snow is falling, or the temperatures drop, each of us has Christ living deep within. We must see each other through the eyes of faith. We must reach out to each other in hospitality, or we must ask for help from each other, and be willing to receive it. May we all see angels in each other; may we all be angels to each other.