2016 Haiti Trip

Our 2016 Mission Trip to Haiti is underway!  Travelers left on Saturday, January 9 and arrived in Haiti on Monday, January 11, 2016.   Lots of work is being done to help the Little Sisters of the Incarnation.   Part of the work involves unpacking the sea container that was shipped to Haiti in October 2015.  Various jobs such as fixing doors, working on equipment, putting together a pavilion to give shelter for people who are waiting to be seen at the medical clinic are being done.  A visit to the orphanages is planned as well.  “Love boxes,” which include lots of supplies and fun items for the children at the orphanages have been assembled in these beginning days.  Time is also being spent in company with the Little Sisters, as our relationship with them is one of friendship.  Stories will be shared despite language differences about all that has happened in both communities as well as in the lives of the travelers throughout the last year.  

Some pictures have already begun to be sent back.  Some are featured below.  

12517217_1072549892766845_2050455287_o Haiti Building Shower Benches Cathy Finch in Haiti 12557849_1072492106105957_1385362011_o 12557769_1072549452766889_2128042951_o 12556960_1072550162766818_1175414364_o 12509918_1072549136100254_1331158399_o 12516617_1072492026105965_993655395_o 12517026_1072491962772638_426521177_o                                                  12545770_1072548766100291_699111357_o