2019 Mission Trip

Over the next few months we will be preparing for our next visit to the Little Sisters of the Incarnation in Haiti. We have been in conversation with Little Sister Emmanuelle regarding that visit and discussed how we can be of service to them. One of the things she emphasized with us is the need for the Little Sisters to provide for themselves. In the past number of years they have become more involved in selling hand made items at “artisan fairs” both in parts of Haiti and on the border of the Dominican Republic. She has appreciated the handcrafts that we have taught the Sisters but reported that for the most part they do not have much time to create items for sale.

With that in mind our focus for this trip will be setting up a mini workshop for the week we are there. We will work with the Little Sisters in creating a “stock pile” of items that they can use to sell at various fairs and in the little stores they operated at some of their missions. The various items we will create have already been discussed and chosen in collaboration with Little Sister Emmanuelle.

Our usual preparation for our trip will thus additionally include collecting supplies needed for the various projects and spending time refining our own skills to complete these projects. This effort is not simply a time to “do crafts” but an opportunity to spend time with the Little Sisters to prepare a stock pile of merchandise for them to sell.  Because the Sisters are so very involved in other ministry tasks, they do not have the time or leisure to prepare enough “stock” to sell.  Our mission is to help them.

So we will be encouraging those who are willing to engage in learning skills for jewelry and rosary making, decorating mosaic boxes, creating flowers from used water bottles, crocheted flowers for decorating and hair barrettes/clips, small pillows, and possibly a few more options. None of the projects chosen are particularly difficult but they are items that will generate an income for the sisters. No other projects will be planned for this visit since the focus will be on creating merchandise for the sisters to sell.

Since Little Sister Emmanuelle plans to have all of the Sister participate in this event, housing will be limited. Therefore our group will be limited to ten participants. This will make it possible for us to occupy one wing of the dormitory and leave the other available for the Sisters. If there is a need we will plan a short trip later in the year to accommodate additional participants.

We are looking at a trip of about ten days from approximately January 3-15, 2019. These are not firm dates at this point in time until reservations can be determined.

Please prayerfully consider whether you can commit yourself to this particular trip with this focus. I will have applications available at our first trip planning meeting on June 24th. We do need willing hands and open hearts to take on this task. There will be other aspects of the trip discussed at the first trip meeting. Until then let us keep the people of Haiti and the Little Sisters in our prayers. Sr. Marilyn