Tuesday. Week Three

It often surprises me when I receive a gift,either material or non-tangible, that I feel is I have not deserved.  I ask myself, why would this person do this for me?  It is very uncomfortable to accept an undeserved kindness because I think it should be earned.

Yet, when I think about it, that is what God is always doing for me.  There is nothing I can do to earn the love of God, to be worthy of the gifts and graces that God showers upon me.  God is ready to love and comfort me regardless of my failures.  God loves each one of us with a tenderness and consistency that is incomparable to anything we can compare with in human existence.  

Imitating that kind of love is pretty overwhelming.  I know I am never going to measure up in my dealings with others to God’s mercy to me.  But all God asks is that we try.  So that is what I need to do one day at a time.