Tuesday First Week

Tuesday First Week of Lent ABBA God! The name of God that best describes our loving Father in heaven is the name that we call upon so often when we need help. God is always providing us with reminders of His love for us. Todays reading states “God is meditating with you, teaching you, and … [Read more…]

Monday First Week of Lent

  Monday First Week of Lent “Take no revenge…Love your neighbor as yourself.” Leviticus 19:18 Loving others as myself is something we have learned from our early days. It is not always a well learned lesson however. We live in an environment that may promote being materially generous to “the poor.” We are not quite … [Read more…]

First Sunday of Lent

First Sunday of Lent      Repent and believe in the Gospel. Temptations confront us all the time. It may be a temptation to do something obviously against God’s desire for us. It could be a transgression against a commandment. It could be a refusal to obey the regulations of the church. It could be … [Read more…]

Saturday after Ash Wednesday

When we are in conflict with another person, it is very natural to think that Jesus is at our side, consoling us rather than the other person. After all, Jesus knows what is in my heart and knows I am in the right. Doesn’t he? It is really hard to think that the other person … [Read more…]

Friday after Ash Wednesday

Friday after Ash Wednesday Today’s reading on fasting is a good reminder to keep the correct focus on our sacrificial practice. Any sacrificial activity that has other motivations changes the focus from God and his people to oneself. Those of us who are accustomed to the bounty of three meals a day can benefit from … [Read more…]