Wednesday. Week Three

Jesus makes it very clear that the new way of living He wants us to abide by is one of love and not revenge.  However, all around us are the vestiges of revenge that we may mistake for justice.  What we may consider a just consequence of terrible misdeeds often borders on revenge. We do … [Read more…]

Tuesday. Week Three

It often surprises me when I receive a gift,either material or non-tangible, that I feel is I have not deserved.  I ask myself, why would this person do this for me?  It is very uncomfortable to accept an undeserved kindness because I think it should be earned. Yet, when I think about it, that is … [Read more…]

Monday Week Three

Today’s reading seems to call us to revolution.  What does revolution mean to me?  I my answer by looking at the word itself.  A revolution in one sense is an uprising but in another way it means revolve,  turn around again.  Then I looked up synonyms for the word and found:  transformation, innovation, reorganization, restructuring. … [Read more…]

Sunday. Third Week

Another gift of God – Sunday a day of rest.  How often do we allow ourselves to take the time of rest identified as a “commandment?”   Yes it is true that sometimes duty requires that we work on Sunday.  But that is not the situation with all of us.  Perhaps we need to remind … [Read more…]

Saturday. Second Week

The story of the prodigal is such a comforting one.  The idea of our loving Father standing like God waiting along the road for me is such a  tender one.  No matter how many times I make a wrong choice, or go in the wrong diection it is I who strays from the path.  No … [Read more…]