Friday Week Five

How do I respect the earth I live on?  I know that I have not participated in a public protest against misuse of the earth.  Yet I know that I am deeply committed to utilize the gift of earth that God gave is an awareness of pure treasure.  Each season has much to teach.  Heat … [Read more…]

Thursday Week Five

It is so true that we are all connected, humans and inanimate creation. Creation is all around us as God’s gift not to be taken for granted or abused.  I was thinking of my gardening and the beautiful results of tiny seeds.  I plant and I water.  But I did not create the seed.  Only … [Read more…]

Tuesday Fifth Week

Jesus is the only one that I can totally trust with my very life.  I have spent the last 58+ years of my life consecrated to His service.  Although I do not live my life perfectly, I do desire to live it trusting that Jesus will accept my weaknesses and will continue to love me. … [Read more…]

Monday Week Five

I feel disturbed the discussion of this particular reading for today.  In reading the portion of the reading that speaks to the gentle, respectful care of Joseph, I am not sure how that connects to the issues arrived at by the writer.  I feel sad that this Lenten book of readings has become so negative … [Read more…]

Sunday Week Five

Just like we all are responsible for death of Jesus, we need to accept the responsibility for what has been done to others in the name of freedom.  What is freedom for us has interfered in the freedom of others.  Each of us is called to the prayer of sorrow and repentance for the sins … [Read more…]