Saturday Week Three

Why do we have such a difficult time accepting the uncompromised truth of the sacredness of all life.  Not only are we to hold as precious the life of every human being, but we are also to value the world around us, valuing every create gift of God. i know I have a long way … [Read more…]

Friday Week Three

I find the reading for today to be quite harsh.  Perhaps the statement:  “we must stand forth, naked and undisguised in truth, and believe that nonviolent compassion and mercy are the absolute laws of our being and trust that this agape love is directing the universe” is difficult because it is a powerful reminder of our … [Read more…]

Thursday Week Three

I find today’s reading about non-violence to be very direct. Yes, we are afraid of non-violence. We might be afraid that we will appear weak. Maybe we think about groups who oppose violence so profoundly that their life style is clearly “different.” We are stunned by their willingness to forgive even the most heinous acts. … [Read more…]

Wednesday. Week Three

Jesus makes it very clear that the new way of living He wants us to abide by is one of love and not revenge.  However, all around us are the vestiges of revenge that we may mistake for justice.  What we may consider a just consequence of terrible misdeeds often borders on revenge. We do … [Read more…]

Tuesday. Week Three

It often surprises me when I receive a gift,either material or non-tangible, that I feel is I have not deserved.  I ask myself, why would this person do this for me?  It is very uncomfortable to accept an undeserved kindness because I think it should be earned. Yet, when I think about it, that is … [Read more…]