Saturday Week Four

Today it seems that many people believe that violence needs to be met with violence.  It is difficult to live through acts of violence perpetrated against ourself or against a loved one.  We may feel victimized, anger may explode within us, we may act out our feelings without considering how violence contradicts what we know … [Read more…]

Friday Week Four

Earlier this week I watched the portion of the Passion of the Christ DVD of the scoraging of Jesus.  I had a hard time keeping my eyes open because the brutality was so vivid.  Not only was the punishment inflicted on Jesus our Savior horrendous but the impact on others in the scene was profound. … [Read more…]

Thursday Week Four

I have some concerns about today’s reading.  How do we determine what is an appropriate way to resist what is addicting us today?Although I do not like what is happening, I don’t believe that nonpayment of taxes will affect the issue in a way that is meaningful.  Who will pay the price for denying payment … [Read more…]

Wednesday Week Four

Standing against the crowd is not easy to do.  When push comes to shove, it is easier to back down than to stand erect and strong against whatever challenges truth.  I have never heard of Lucretia Mott, but from the small introduction in the reading,she seems to have quite a courageous woman.  She did what … [Read more…]

Tuesday Week Four

  Having been in Haiti has taught me a lot about the value of water in daily life.  When we are in Haiti water is a limited commodity.  We have to be careful about what water we drink due to lack of sanitary conditions.  What water is available for washing is limited as well.  There … [Read more…]