Saturday First Week

If you only have time for one of Jesus’ teaching this is the one — love your enemies. I read that and said in my mind: Yes that is true. But when I continued to read further, I came across …all we have left is love. That statement came into the foreground of my attention. … [Read more…]

Friday First Week

Friday Lent Week One Today’s reading is a powerful and providential one for me. When I read the scenario presented, I find myself right there. The frustration I feel over some of the failures of our leaders to recognize the precarious state of our country is a source of anger for me. I feel challenged … [Read more…]

Thursday First Week

Thursday First Week I don’t have direct contact with young people. So this question is hard to answer. But being an example to the flock is important with every contact. It is so easy to forget that we are all images of God.. The way I act or talk or even think gives others a … [Read more…]

Wednesday First Week

Wednesday Week One As I read this reading it is very obvious to me that there is so much in our society that contradicts the call of Jesus to love. To be honest I feel like we are living in a time of great conflict. I feel there is so much in our country that … [Read more…]

Tuesday First Week

Tuesday First Week of Lent ABBA God! The name of God that best describes our loving Father in heaven is the name that we call upon so often when we need help. God is always providing us with reminders of His love for us. Todays reading states “God is meditating with you, teaching you, and … [Read more…]