Friday First Week of Lent 2019

As I read today’s devotional, I thought about all the times I advertise programs or gathering dates and responses come in late or not at all.  Very frustrating for the planner of programs and events.  Jesus, too, could get very frustrated with my lack of response sometimes.  Jesus is always inviting and waiting.  Sometimes I … [Read more…]

Saturday, First Week of Lent 2019

It is not easy to be a Catholic Christian sometimes.  Faults of members of the church whether in leadership or as faithful in the pews seems to be on constant public display.  The little things that matter to us as Catholics, such as grace before meals, not eating meat on Friday, etc. may feel like … [Read more…]

Thursday First Week of Lent

The images of lamp and light are very familiar to us.  I remember very .clearly that I was introduced to the image of lamps, particularly the story of the ten wise virgins and the ten not so wise early in my convent life.  The idea that we are the lamps shine the light of God … [Read more…]


Todays reading is a reminder that everything that is not of God will end with every other temporal thing.  What does not end is the life given to us as a precious gift.  The life that God gives us is always a mixture of gift whether a challenge or pleasant experience.  But God is the … [Read more…]

Tuesday of the First Week of Lent 2019

I have always like the story of the Widow’s Mite.  Jesus takes the side of the Widow who had so little to give, but who was willing to give it all.  He places her before the Pharisees who wanted to “look good” but who were “stingy” to say the least.  The widow was willing to … [Read more…]